Monday, November 19, 2007

BoA to Sing Original Soundtrack for Japanese Movie

Pan-Asian start BoA will sing the original soundtrack for a Japanese movie.

The Japanese daily Sankei Sports has reported that BoA will sing the OST for a movie slated to open March 15. The singer has so far dubbed a U.S. anime film in Japanese and performed an OST for a Korean movie, but it's the first time she will sing for a Japanese movie.

The daily said the movie's production firm chose BoA because she can fully express through song the relationship between the movie's main characters, a dog and its owner.

The newspaper wrote that the OST is a ballad song entitled "Be With You," which conveys the feelings of the dog toward its owner, such as "keep in mind that I also have a soul" and "spend time with me as much as possible."

The daily said the message of the song is intended not only for dog owners but lovers as well.

source:kbs global

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