Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rain Pays Tribute to Outgoing Manager

The K-pop superstar Rain has paid tribute to the role of his manager Park Jin-young in his stellar rise. Park “taught me to fish instead of how to eat fish. He taught me many things, including how to sing, but he always stressed the importance of standing on my own feet,” Rain told reporters.

Dressed in pink dress shirt and black suit, Rain was discussing the end of his contract with Park’s management agency JYP at a press conference before a concert at Japan's Tokyo Dome. Park “has taken care of me with great sincerity over the last few years. I thought I’d better give him some space,” Rain said. The singer will decide where to turn next once his world tour ends in June. He may either move to another management firm or set up his own independent company.

Rain is the first Korean pop singer to perform at the Tokyo Dome, which seats some 43,000. The concert has been thoroughly prepared, he said. “Stage equipment weighing more than 100 tons is used in the show. When the Japanese production suggested a concert at the Tokyo Dome, I actually doubted whether I could do it. I’ve heard many top Japanese artists played with less than half the seats filled at the Dome. I confess I was relieved that tickets have sold well.” Rain’s world tour started last October and is nearing the end. “The world tour was a great opportunity for me to test my shortcomings and transcend my limitations before entering the U.S. market,” he added. Asked about the recent parody of his music video on the popular U.S. satirical show “The Colbert Report,” Rain said it was an honor. “I’ve watched the program. I was surprised when I saw the show host imitating my music video. He chooses only world-class celebrities as his topic.” Rain was in good company: Madonna, Michael Jackson and Lindsay Lohan were also parodied on the show.

Recently, Rain got a foot in the door in Hollywood by being cast in a supporting role in "Speed Racer." “I met the Wachowski brothers, who created ‘The Matrix’, and I decided to play the role. To become a top star in Hollywood, I think it’s important to build a career by taking each step cautiously. This role is like a miracle for someone who doesn’t speak English very well.”

But Rain still shows great passion for music. “I’ve been writing down my ideas about music since I was a trainee. When I have more confidence in my music, I’d like to become a producer.”

He gives credit to Park for getting him where he is today. “If Park hadn’t made songs for me, I wouldn’t be here. I was lucky to work with Park. I am happy with every step I’ve been through.” So what drives him? “I want to win the war against myself, because if I fall, hundreds of staff working with me would stumble.”

source: Chosun Ilbo

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