Sunday, January 22, 2012

Big Bang To Make February Comeback

Big Bang will soon be making a big comeback!

YG Entertainment recently announced the popular idol group will be making a comeback in February. This triggered one big question in the k-pop industry: When will YG's next brand new girl group debut then?

Many are predicting after the recent announcement regarding Big Bang that the highly-anticipated new girl group will then debut sometime after.

Originally, Big Bang had planned for a March comeback. However, with the recording process of their new songs having gone so smoothly, the date was pulled up a bit to February. The group has been hard at work to produce quality music, after having had such a rough personal year in 2011. There's rumors that the members are focusing just as hard on this upcoming album as they did for their debut album. In fact, so much so that this comeback is being called their "second debut".

Many expect the new girl group to debut sometime in March. However, this has not been confirmed by YG. There's much anticipation being that this is the first brand new group that YG has unveiled since the explosively popular 2NE1. Only one member of the group has been revealed so far and that's Kim Eun-bi from Super Star K 2. One requirement of all the members was announced to be that they couldn't have gotten plastic surgery.

source: KBS

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Dasie said...

ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait for their new album im soooooooo excited!!!!!!!! luve ya!!!!