Monday, July 5, 2010

Ryu Si Won Sheds Tears Reminiscing About Park Yong Ha

"It is hard to believe. I really feel bad because I could not help him at all.”

Hallyu star Ryu Si Won expressed his heavy heart about the late Park Yong Ha and shed tears on the last day of his concert entitled “Ryu Siwon 2010 Live Tour Fun Fan” held at the First Gymnasium of Yoyogi National Stadium.

He began the concert with a splendid performance while singing and dancing along with around forty dancers when he sang “Call My Name” and other songs included in his 7th album, which was released last April, but he was wearing a black ribbon on his chest. After that, he sang songs that he personally wrote the lyrics for such as “Why, Why,” which is a memorial song for Yooni who committed suicide in 2007, and “Like The First Time.”

Ryu Si Won said, “Whenever he had problems or worries, he used to discuss those matters with me as if I was his real older brother and we talked about many things about what he could not decid for himself. But, actually when he was in a difficult situation, we could not see each other due to our busy schedules, and I could not help him at all. I feel very bad because I did nothing right beside him.” His eyes were filled with tears.

He also said, “Ten minutes before this concert began, I received an email from Korea saying that Yong Ha’s casketing had been finished. I also cannot believe this incident. I am a human, and actually it has been very difficult for me to hold concert from yesterday until today. Those concerts were actually my most difficult performances. I am very sorry for you audience members because I cannot make a fake smile in front of you.” He was all choked up and could not speak.

Ryu prayed for the repose of Park Yong Ha's soul saying, “I hope you can rest in a happy and better place” and he requested the audience members, “Pray for Yong Ha that he can be happy.” Then, he passionately sang his own song “Do You Have To Do?” included in the new album.

But, when he sang the part of the song with the lyrics, “I hope this is not the last time with you. How come the time for farewell has come to our love,” he stopped singing as if he was recalling his memories with Park Yong Ha, and shed tears. The audience members, who were also crying together, continued to sing the song together.

Ryu Si Won’s tour concerts began last May and 18 concerts had been successfully finished in eight different cities in Japan. This concert, as the final concert of the tour, was performed for a lengthy four hours.

In a press conference held before the concert, Ryu said, “In the middle of the tour concert in Japan, Yong Ha once called me, wishing me good luck. Also, he told me with a pleasant voice that he would also cheer for my racing, which begins from July 3 in Japan. We had promised that we would work together in the same drama.” After he said this, he could not continue to speak for a while, and he finally said, “Today’s concert will be the most difficult performance for me, but I want to sing with my deepest heartfelt feelings toward Yong Ha.”

source: KBS Global

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flora said...

It's soo sad. You'd think stars live wonderful lives.. these incidents wake you up to reality.