Thursday, March 18, 2010

Black Girl’s Generation Climbs to the Top of Music Chart

No more girls next door for Girl’s Generation. They’ve turned into femmes fatales and their new release is just as deadly. The nation’s hottest girl group’s “Run Devil Run” has topped the real-time music chart as soon as it was released Wednesday morning. The song features charismatic lyrics that warn women against bad guys. Teaser videos and photos of Black Girl’s Generation have shown a more powerful and provocative version of the girls, instead of their usual perky and adorable personalities.

Run Devil Run” is threatening to topple 2AM from the top spot on music charts and placed in the upper ranks of smart phone application stores like App Store and Android Market. At midnight Thursday the music video of “Run Devil Run” will be released for the first time on music portal site Bugs and smart phone’s “Girl’s Generation Application.”
source: KBS Global