Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rain: 'Keep Trying to Make Your Dream Come True'

Rain, who has been promoting his movie “Ninja Assassin” in North America, during his interview on November 21 (local time) in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA.

Ninja Assassin’ helped me dream. If I keep trying, someday I will top the box office," said Rain (real name Jeong Ji-hoon) during his interview on November 21 in Los Angeles. He is the first Korean actor to play a lead in a major Hollywood movie. He has been promoting his movie “Ninja Assassin” in North America since last week. On November 19, he attended a prestigious red carpet event in Hollywood and a screening. On November 21, he was to give interviews to some 30 media agencies based in Los Angeles.

While saying that his movie had received positive feedback in the U.S., Rain added that what mattered most was taking on new challenges rather than producing good results. Rain said he wanted to publicize Korean culture in Hollywood.

With regard to his Hollywood experience,
Rain said, "I want to continue to try new things despite failures. It is important to overcome failures and do your best even when your self-esteem is hurt.”

The interview lasted only 15 minutes, but it was enough for Rain to convey his strong determination and confidence.

Following are excerpts from the interview.

-- What were your impressions from walking the red carpet in the U.S. as the leading actor of “
Ninja Assassin?”

▲ I’m very happy and proud as a Korean. I was the first Korean in Hollywood to attend a movie premiere as its leading actor. I was also the first Asian to do so. It was a great honor for me. My first step in Hollywood has been very successful. Everything was great and many people were excited about this. Apart from my Asian fans, many of my African-American and Caucasian fans also attended the premiere. I was very surprised.

-- What did U.S. journalists show particular interest in?

▲ They asked me a lot about my body-shaping secrets, about the way I exercise. They also asked me about my nationality and about what it feels like to be a Hollywood star.

-- Will your movie perform well at the box office?

▲ In a way, this movie is mine, because I play the main character. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. If my movie doesn’t do well, I’ll be scolded, and if it does well, I’ll receive praise. As long as my movie is in the top five, it’ll be success, because nobody has done this before.

-- Will the success of your movie be influenced by “
New Moon,” which opened recently?

▲ My goal is not to top the box office. If my movie trails “
New Moon” or even lands the fifth spot, it’ll be huge anyway. “Ninja Assassin” has a few stumbling blocks. It’s PG-rated, so children can’t watch it. It targets only a group of devoted fans rather than the general public.

-- What is “Ninja Assassin” to you?

▲ This movie helped me dream. My first try was successful. If I keep rising to new challenges, my movies will top the box office someday. I’m not holding my hopes high this time. If my movie enters the top five, it’ll be success. I’m going to take it slow.

-- What have you learned in Hollywood?

▲ I have learned that it’s important to keep trying despite failures. If you’re worried about failing even before making a try, it’s already over. It’s important to keep doing things even if you’re likely to fail. You should overcome failures and do your best even when your self-esteem is hurt.

-- How is your English doing?

▲ I’m studying English as hard as I can. When I don’t know something important, I ask others for help. I don’t like to pretend to know everything. It’s difficult for me to speak English fluently because I am a Korean. I tell others that I’m still learning and ask for help. I want to study harder.

--What other roles would you want to try in Hollywood? You once said you wanted to play an Asian man who was in love with a Caucasian woman.

▲ I would want to try that. Everything is possible. To be honest, nobody could have imagined that I would play a lead in this movie. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this. I would want to star in a romance movie someday.

-- What would you like to say to your Korean fans?

▲ My movie has received positive feedback in the U.S. Rather than producing good results, it’s important to keep trying. I want to publicize Korean culture in Hollywood. That’s my dream. I hope that Korean viewers will also like my movie.

source: KBS Global

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