Friday, January 9, 2009

Two Top Stars Join Hands

Korea’s top producer/singer Park Jin-young and actor Bae Yong-joon have teamed up to produce a drama about the nation’s first entertainment arts school. JYP Entertainment announced Tuesday that it signed a contract with a cultural contents firm, Key East, to make a drama. Park and Bae each have the largest share of these two companies.

The two famed entertainers are expected to take part either directly or indirectly in the drama production, fueling anticipations about overseas sales. Park is likely to oversee the music and choreography part, while Bae will participate in overall planning, writing and producing.

JYP Entertainment and Key East will jointly set up a corporation in January to carry out auditions for the drama cast. New, promising actors and singers are encouraged to audition for the roles. The new corporation will be the first one to build a new business model in the Korean entertainment industry by planning to reap revenue from projects other than drama production, such as merchandising, original soundtrack sales, copyrights, and stage production.

source: KBS World

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