Monday, December 15, 2008

Lee Seo-jin and Kim Jeong-eun

Popular celebrity couple Lee Seo-jin and Kim Jeong-eun recently announced that they have ended their two-year-long relationship. Actress Kim Jeong-eun’s management agency announced on November 22 that the couple split up in late October due to family issues that could not be solved. Lee reportedly ended the relationship over the phone.

Lee has been keeping a low profile abroad while Kim opened up to the public about the breakup during ‘Kim Jeong-eun’s Chocolate’, a popular music and talk show she hosts.

Tearing up, the actress shared her heartache with the viewers, saying, “Just as it takes time for a physical wound to heal, its going to take time before my broken heart heals.” She added, “I never knew pretending everything was okay when it isn’t could be so difficult. Things are not okay.” Kim also admitted that if it weren’t for work, she would like to take off and be alone for awhile. Besides hosting the music show, Kim stars in a newly-launched MBC drama series ‘General Hospital 2’.

Meanwhile, a close acquaintance of Lee recently revealed that Lee is also going through an extremely difficult period right now and that the actor even briefly mentioned the possibility of leaving the entertainment industry for good.

Lee Seo-jing and Kim Jeong-eun, both popular actors in Korea, became an item when they co-starred in an SBS drama series entitled ‘Lovers’ in 2007.

source: KBS World

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