Friday, May 16, 2008

Rain in Dance Battle on "The Colbert Report"

Singer and actor Rain finally met the popular U.S. comedian Stephen Colbert, the same man who lampooned him on national TV.

Rain was in L.A. for the premiere of his Hollywood debut in "Speed Racer," and on the night of the 5th, he showed off his dance skills on the nationwide TV program, "The Colbert Report." The program had been pre-recorded on the 28th at the New York City studio for cable TV's "Comedy Central" channel.

"The Colbert Report" is one of the most popular comedy shows in the U.S. and its guests include entertainers and athletes as well as political figures such as Hillary Clinton.

Rain's agency, J. Tune Entertainment, announced that after the recording of the show, "Colbert became a great fan of Rain's. He even went to the Tribeca Film Festival in New York to watch Rain's performance in 'Speed Racer.'" The agency also reported Colbert as having said, "Rain's scenes in 'Speed Racer' were incredibly thrilling."

source: KBS Global

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