Saturday, December 22, 2007

Solbi, Kim Sung-eun Nominated for 'Best Entertainer' Award

Actress Kim Sung-eun and singer Solbi will compete for the 'Best Entertainer Award' at the 2007 KBS Entertainment Awards on December 22.

Kim, a popular host of 'Happy Sunday - Immortal Music' and Solbi, a co-host for the third season of 'Happy Together' on KBS 2TV have been selected as candidates for the 'Best Entertainer Award.'

Kim has appeared in the film 'Magang Hotel,' the MBC drama 'Thank You' and the SBS Drama 'Gangnam Mothers.' She currently appears on 'Happy Sunday - Immortal Music' as a lovable tone-deaf host. Solbi has also attracted the media spotlight for her appearance on numerous entertainment shows.

source: KBS global

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