Friday, August 31, 2007

Doll-Like Actress Park Min-young Captures Viewers' Hearts

Up-and-coming actress Park Min-young has recently been the media's center of attention with her doll-like appearance on the popular television drama 'I Am Sam.'

Some of her photos on her personal website were taken on the set of 'I Am Sam.' Fans have been raving over her adorable appearance, describing the actress as a "living doll."

Viewers are also talking about the equally adorable hair and fashion styles she has been sporting on the drama.

In the drama, Park is a bubbly and trouble-making high school student who is also the only daughter of a gangster boss. Audacious and stubborn on the outside, she is actually a lovable and naive character who has captured the hearts of TV viewers.

Her cute school look in the drama has also caused a fashion sensation among younger generation fans.

source : kbs global

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shanshan said...

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well keep updatin' your blog ^^

- shanshan

myplot'blog said...

Hi! shanshan
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Anonymous said...

uhm... I don't really watch korean soap dramas but the only one i've ever watched was I am sam or I'm your teacher" thanks for this site. more power to you!

Anonymous said...

Do you know where I can get posters of Park Min Young??