Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hallyu Romantic Festival 2007 Sweeps Japan

The Hallyu Romantic Festival 2007, which opened in Japan June 23, has drawn the spotlight from the Japanese media.

Fuji TV covered the festival in-depth on June 25, lauding it as a gathering of the top Korean stars and a "dream show."

Influential Japanese dailies also reported on the festival, with the Asahi Shimbun calling actor Ji Jin-hee a "trustworthy man" and the "ideal man for working women." The daily also conducted an in-depth interview with actor Cho In-sung, which will be published in July.

Japanese fans also showed great interest in the festival, giving it rave reviews on major portal Web sites. Some wrote on Yahoo! Japan that the festival was a dream come true because they could see so many top
Korean stars at once. Others said the four-hour festival ended too soon and that they had the time of their lives at the event.

Japanese fans also praised
Korean stars for showing consideration for the audience by descending from the stage to mingle with the audience during the finale of the festival

source: kbs grobal

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