Monday, March 3, 2008

Song Seung-hun and Park Yong-ha to Film Fight Scene

Hallyu stars Song Seung-hun and Park Yong-ha will "fight" at a club in Seoul.

The two actors will be shooting a fight scene at an Apgujeong-dong club for the music video for "2008 Love Song."

Song Seung-hun assumes the role of a fight club competitor and member of the mob. Park Yong-ha and Ha Suk-jin play undercover cops who infiltrate the fight club, mob headquarters, as contenders. Park Yong-ha gets in the ring against Song Seung-hun; Ha Suk-jin's cover is blown and he is later killed by the mobsters.

"2008 Love Song" is the follow-up album to Lee Mi-yeon's hit compilation, "Love Song," from 2001. The 2008 version will include popular R&B and ballad songs released in 2004-2008. The music video is set to be released at the end of March.

source: kbs global

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