Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jung Joon-ho Marries Lee Ha-jung

Actor Jung Joon-ho finally tied the knot to TV broadcaster, Lee Ha-jung!

Jung and Lee's nuptials took place on March 25th at 3 PM at the Sheraton Grand Walkerhill Hotel. Officiating the ceremony was the president of the World Taekwondo Federation, Jo Jung-won. Shin Hyun-joon and Tak Jae-hoon emceed the event. Here, Jung also revealed their plans of children.

The top star stated that having kids should happen naturally when a couple is in love. Lee wants maybe three children, while Jung wants four. Lee added that though she's always wanted three children, she'd go along with her husband's wishes.

Jung also revealed plans of his honeymoon...and his second wedding. A fan meeting will be held in his honor when he arrives on the tropical islands. A traditional Hawaiian-style wedding will be planned for him.

This trip will be the second one of its kind, as the couple went to Macao for their pre-wedding honeymoon for three days on March 8th. After their time in Hawaii, the happy couple will start their lives together in Hannam-dong of Seoul.

source: KBS Global

Jeon Ji-hyun Narrates Hollywood Trailer

Jeon Ji-hyun has become the first Korean actor to narrate the official trailer of a Hollywood movie. In flawless English, Jeon voices the trailer of Lisa See's film adaptation of "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan," in which she stars.

"Jeon did the recording at the request of the producers, but we thought it wouldn't be used in the actual trailer and were surprised when it was," a staffer at her agency said.

Jeon has been learning English since her early 20s to help her dreams of a Hollywood career come true, taking English classes in San Francisco and elsewhere in the U.S. during breaks between acting jobs.

She already demonstrated her mastery of the language in her previous film "Blood: The Last Vampire."

"Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" is released in the U.S. and China on July 15.

source: Chosun Ilbo

Monday, March 21, 2011

Jung Woo-sung Admits Romance with Lee Ji-ah

Actor Jung Woo-sung has admitted he is in a relationship with actress Lee Ji-ah on Sunday. Meeting with fans to celebrate his 38th birthday, Jung said, "I like the fact that we see a lot of things the same way."

Before the meeting he posted a short message on his fan club website. "I've met a new friend for whom I have good feelings. We have just started dating and have enjoyed spending time together since end of the TV drama" -- a reference to SBS' "Athena: Goddess of War" in which they both starred.

Rumors about their romance surfaced when amateur pictures of them strolling down the streets of Paris holding hands were published on March 11.

Source: Chosun Ilbo

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hyunbin & Song Hye-gyo Announce Break Up

It's official! A-list couple Hyunbin and Song Hye-gyo have called it quits.

According to representatives of both stars on March 8th, the two split up early this year, after first meeting on the set of the drama "The World We Live In" in 2008. Since getting together, the two have been caught up in series of the same rumor: that they broke up. These rumors have been denied time after time until now; the day after Hyunbin started his mandatory military service.

An insider reported that there were reports of the couple having broken up even while they were very much together. Thus the stars had even gotten hurt by such false rumors. However, with Hyunbin becoming busier with his filming the hit drama "Secret Garden", the two weren't able to see each other as much and eventually ended the relationship.

So if it's been months since splitsville, why only announce it now? Reps from Hyunbin's side said that they didn't want the actor's remaining time before entering the marine corps or even his acting projects before then to be overshadowed by his personal life. This is why they've held off on announcing the news until after he wrapped up his final promotions and appearances before the draft.

Hyunbin and Song both asked for the public's understanding on not releasing this bit of news until now. They promised their fans that they would each continue to do all that they could to show them their very best.

Hyunbin will remain low-key for the next two years until he finishes his service, while Song is currently filming the movie "Today", directed by Lee Jung-hyang.

source: KBS Global

Monday, March 7, 2011

Jung Joon-ho's Fiancee, Lee Ha-jung Expecting This September

Top star, Jung Joon-ho, will become a father this coming September!

The 41-year-old actor revealed the news before his wedding ceremony scheduled for March 25th at the W Hotel with his fiancee, Lee Ha-jung. Lee, who's also a TV announcer, was reported to be two months pregnant. Being that pregnancy is a sensitive area for such a career, Jung and Lee really battled with the decision to announce the happy news to the public.

The soon-to-be-wed couple met last November 30th, when Lee came to interview Jung for her segment "The Person Lee Ha-jeong Met" for the "6 o'clock News Magazine" show. Their relationship developed so quickly that the two announced their plans to marry just two months later.

The couple plans on moving in together into a 3 billion won apartment in the UN Village, located in Hannam-dong of Seoul, after the wedding.

source: KBS Global