Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rain Heads to Japan from Berlin Movie Shoot

Actor and singer Rain (Jung Ji-hoon, 26) has been in Berlin filming a movie, but he will be flying to Tokyo, Japan on the 30th for a free admission meeting with his fans at JCB Hall. His agency, J.Tune Entertainment, recently posted photographs of the celebrity on his website (

Rain is in Berlin, Germany, for the filming of the upcoming Joel Silver & Wachowski Brothers flick, "Ninja Assassin," directed by James McTeigue. They are running on a grueling schedule, spending over ten hours a day in action, hoping to wrap the shoot by the end of this month or early June.

Rain's agent in Berlin said that during the day off that the celebrity gets per week, he spends it resting at home or sometimes ventures out to watch a movie.

"Rain is making preparations for the fan event in Japan whenever he has the time," his agent added. "He's very excited to stand in front of his fans again."

source: KBS Global

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Jang Hyuk's Wedding pics

Korean actor Jang Hyuk got marries with his long term girlfriend Kim Yeo-jin last June 2.

Pics credit SidusHQ and chosun


Bae Yong-joon, Interview in Japan, "I have thoughts of marrying but it's not working out"

On the 1st, after the three-hour "The Legend Premium Event 2008 in Japan" held in Osaka Kyocera Dome, Bae Yong-joon held an interview with Korean reporters for about thirty minutes in the waiting room. Director Kim Jong-hak of "The Legend" was also there. The following are questions and answers that were exchanged.

-Thoughts on the event held today, with 35000 fans?
-Even in the disappointment that came with the end of filming, Director Kim and I said that it was over yet. But now, I have a real feeling that it's over. It was nice today. I was able to meet my family in Asia eye-to-eye. And it was better that I was able to come with the director and fellow actors from "The Legend" this time.

-You also referred to your next work at the event today. (Bae Yong-joon said, "I want to give a different kind of feeling with my voice on the animation of "Winter Sonata" and there's nothing certain, but I'm looking into a drama that is a remake of a Japanese comic".)

I haven't signed anything yet. So it would be difficult to say anything.

-You were hurt while filming "
The Legend". How is your health now?
-It's still a little uncomfortable to walk. I am getting shots on my knees. For my shoulders, we have to wait 1-2 months and I may have to get surgery. I was seriously hurt during filming of "The Legend" ten days before the end, but I couldn't go to the hospital because I thought I would have to put on a cast, which would stop filming. It hurt so much that I couldn't sleep, and I took pain-killers so I could film. I went to a hospital once after getting hurt, and all the nurses were attending to the emergency patients, so I had to put in pain-killing shots myself (laugh).

-Director Kim said "Bae Yong-joon is faithful to his emotions and pursues perfect acting".

-Firstly, I'm grateful. I think I have to stay truthful to my emotions because I can't act. Truthfully, I was surprised as I saw Director Kim working on this work. Director Kim was also hurt during filming, and even though he was in a bad condition, his leadership was outstanding. I sometimes call him father, and sometimes, he feels like a friend. (At this, Director Kim said, "While filming "The Legend", I realized that Bae Yong-joon is here because of his own work and acting. He's a great actor. If it is possible, I would want to work with him again".)

-It's known that you will lend your voice to the animation of "Winter Sonata", which plans to air next year.

-That's right. It's planned to do it in Korean, but I have thoughts of also doing it in Japanese.

-In addition to your arrival in Japan, you filmed your fans with a digital camera today too.

-I really like taking pictures. I've wanted to take pictures of my family (fans). I am also thinking of making a book introducing famous places in Korea to foreign tourists. This book will have pictures that I took myself.

-You are keeping your long hair that you had for "The Legend".

-When my next work is decided, I will change my hair accordingly. There are many uncomfortable aspects about long hair, like using a lot of shampoo and taking a lot of time to dry (laugh).read more

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