Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yoon Eun-Hye and Kim Hyun-Joong for Basic House

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Jun Ji-hyun, Zhang Ziyi pull out of Wayne Wang film

Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun
and Chinese film star Zhang Ziyi have pulled out of Wayne Wang film "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan", according to a Singaporean media report.

Channel News Asia said Thursday that the two Asian actresses and the male lead -- reported to be set as a member of Taiwanese band F4 -- have all quit the project.

Jun's agency Sidus HQ however, explained that "casting was never finalized" and that they are "in the middle of negotiations."

"Nothing has been set at the present time," an official at Sidus HQ said. "Overall details regarding the production including the casting will be decided around early February."

As for Zhang, her publicist Ji Lingling announced Wednesday that the actress would be pulling out from "Snow Flower" to focus on the Wong Kar-wai pic "The Grand Master". Zhang is currently shooting the film in northeastern China.

Producers of "Snow flower" are said to be considering several Chinese actresses -- including
Li Bingbing, Gao Yuan-yuan and Shu Qi -- to replace Zhang and searching for the lead actor in China, Japan and Korea.

"Snow Flower", based on the 2005 novel of the same title by Chinese-American writer Lisa See, chronicles the lifelong friendship of two women in 19th century China. Noted filmmaker Wayne Wang, known for "The Joy Luck Club" and "Smoke", was signed on to direct the film.

The filming, scheduled to go into shoot early this month, has been put off indefinitely.

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Girls' Generation's New Song 'Oh!' Tops Charts

The group Girls' Generation, which has become popular with hit songs such as "Gee" and "Tell Me Your Wish," already has another hit on their hands this year.

On January 26, the title song of their second album "Oh!" ranked number one at many musical sites such as Melon, Lunch Box, Bugs and Cyworld Music, within a single day of the song's release.

In addition, Yes 24, which is a sales site of recorded music, announced the group's second album is topping the sales by subscription and overall sales charts.

The Yes 24 official said, "One thousand one hundred albums have been sold in 10 hours as pre-orders. This album seems to have taken off faster than the Girls' Generation's 'Gee' and '
Tell Me Your Wish.'"

Girls' Generation took the top spot on the charts of different music sites and broadcast music programs during several weeks last year, and they gained popularity with middle-aged fans as well as younger generations. They are continuing their trend of big hits with their latest song, "Oh!"

The title song "Oh!" -- which was written by songwriter Kenzi -- is a unique and cheerful electronic pop tune featuring catchy lyrics. In addition, SM Entertainment said that Korea's hottest musicians -- including E-Tribe, who composed the hit song "Gee," as well as Kenzi -- have written songs for the second album, which contains a total of 12 songs from different genres.

SM Entertainment said, "The song ranked first on one portal sites' hourly chart and became popular immediately after the song was released. The group has attained fresh popularity whenever they have released songs such as 'Girls' Generation,' 'Kissing You,' and 'Baby Baby.'"

The music video of "Oh!" will be released on January 27. Girls' Generation will actively promote the video through the MBC TV music program "Show! Eumakjungsim," which is hosted by group members Tiffany and Yuri.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunmi to Quit Wonder Girls

Sunmi of Korea's top girl band Wonder Girls is to take a break from show business in March and go back to school. The 18-year old will be seamlessly replaced by Hyelim, who has been trained up in the JYP Entertainment stable for the past three years. She is reportedly fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

"After long deliberation and discussion among Sunmi and her family, the members of the Wonder Girls, and the company, we finally concluded that Sunmi will quit as a member of the Wonder Girls and return to Korea and to school," JYP said in a press release. "The company will support her return to show business if she wishes to do so after going to university."

It quoted Sunmi as saying, "I'm coming home after wrapping up a year of activities in the United States in February. I would like to resume my career in show business after becoming a university student. Being on stage and touring 50 cities in the U.S. in the past year was a happy and valuable experience, but I'm not sure I can continue to live like this in the future." She reportedly told the agency that she would like to take dancing and singing lessons with the company to prepare her comeback.


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Possible for Jae-bum to Return to 2PM

It seems difficult for 2PM’s Jae-bum (Park Jae-bum, 23), who left the group 2PM and set off for his hometown in Seattle last September, to return to the group.

On January 21, according to 2PM’s management agency, JYP Entertainment, they have almost decided that he won’t come back to 2PM after discussing Jae-bum’s return.
However, during the MBC entertainment program “Tosa Mureuppak” last November, JYP CEO Park Jin-young had mentioned, “If he comes back to the pop music scene, Jae-bum should return to 2PM.”

However, the discussion about 2PM reuniting is being discussed privately.

Last September, Jae-bum left the group after growing controversy regarding comments he had made in which he belittled Korea and Korean people on his Internet site when he was still a trainee under JYP Entertainment.

After Jae-bum's departure from the group, his fans protested, holding signs such as “2PM=7” and “Call off Ja-bum’s withdrawal from 2PM” in front of JYP’s headquarter building in Chundamdong, Seoul.

In addition, several current affairs TV shows discussed the topic of Jae-bum’s comments and the reactions of the Korean community, as it became a social issue over the Internet.

A TV program followed up on Jae-bum’s current life in the U.S.A. He is now working part-time and hanging out with his friends.

A popular song official said, “Jae-bum might sing solo in Korea or the U.S.A., if he does not come back to the group.” He added, "JYP will make an important announcement about his comeback sooner or later."

After Jae-bum left 2PM, the group -- now containing six members -- released a new album entitled “1:59 PM.”

The group, sans Jae-bum, won “Best Male Group” and “Artist of the Year” from the Asian Music Awards, as their songs such as "Heartbeat" gained popularity in 2009.

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KARA for Crown Bakery's White Day

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

So Nyeo Shi Dae to comeback with new song ‘Oh!’ on 28th January

9-member girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae will be having their comeback.

Coming 28th January, they will be releasing their 2nd full-length album with the title song ‘Oh!’. With that, this will be their new song 7 months after they release ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ last June. And it will be 2 years after their 1st full length album released in 2007.

A SM Entertainment official said on 21st January, “2nd Full length album title song ‘Oh!’ will be a well-polished electronic pop genre song, and So Nyeo Shi Dae will be back to set a new trend with the song.” It is also revealed that the song is about heartfelt confession to someone one likes.

With that, the girls will also have their comeback stage on 30th January on MBC Music Core. The SM Ent rep also added, “Please look forward to the girls’ transformation for their comeback stage on Music Core.”

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Kim Jeong-hoon's new Japan single debuts at No. 5

Singer Kim Jeong-hoon [Mersenne]

Singer Kim Jeong-hoon's new single has debuted at No. 5 on Japan's music chart on the first day of its release, according to his agency on Thursday.

Kim's eighth single "Rainy Flash," which went on sale the previous day in time with the singer's birthday, ranked fifth on Japan's daily Oricon chart, Mersenne said in a press release.

"It is amazing to see the singer do so well even though the singer is currently not performing due to serving Korea's mandatory military service," an official at Mersenne was quoted as saying.

The 30-year-old singer recorded the album before enlisting in the army in April last year. Kim's second single will be released in April and the full-length album in October.

His first mini-album "In Your Eyes" was released in Korea last September and in Japan mid-December. It will be sold in countries throughout Asia in February.

The singer, who debuted in 2000 with the now-disbanded duo group UN, has also expanded his career into acting. Of the several dramas that he has appeared in, he is best known for his role in MBC hit TV series "Goong".

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wonder Girls Currently Voted No.1 for 'Video of The Year' in U.S.

The Korean girl group "Wonder Girls" was ranked number one (as of 5 p.m. on Jan. 4) through online voting on the American music site Musiqtone for “Video of The Year” for their music video “Nobody.”

The group currently ranks number one with 614,745 voters (31%) for “Video of The Year” on the music site. The voting is not over yet and will continue until Jan. 31.

The German band Tokyo Hotel ranks second with 551,159 voters (28%) with its song “Automatic.”

People are voting on the music site for eighty music videos from artists such as the Back Street Boys, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Jonas Brothers, and others, and one person can vote a maximum of 50 times per day.

Meanwhile, “Nobody” was reported to have sold the highest number of singles in North America last year.

According to the Wonder Girls’ management agency, JYP Entertainment, the Wonder Girls’ American single “Nobody” was ranked #1 on the Billboard aggregate “2009 Hot Single Sales of the Year” chart. “Pretty Wings” by Maxwell and “Upset” by Mariah Carey were ranked #2 and #3, respectively.

Last October, the Wonder Girls moved up to #76 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Nobody,” making them the first Korean singers and first Asian singers in 30 years to make it on the chart.

source: KBS Global

Idol Group Big Bang wins the 'Best New Artist Award' in Japan

The idol group Big Bang became a double prize winner as foreign singers for the first time at Japan.

Big Bang, who took the “Best New Artist Award” at the 51st Japan Record Awards, was shown accepting the award live on TBS-TV on December 30 in Tokyo, after having won the same title at the 42nd Japan Yusen Awards on December 20.

Daesung, a member of Big Bang, said, “I am so nervous with excitement. We did not expect to get the big prize.” T.O.P. made the audience laugh, saying, “I appreciate Japanese fans” in Korean in response to the host’s sudden questions at the award ceremony.

Another member,
G-Dragon, stepped onto the stage three times at the ceremony: he took the stage twice with his group members and presented an award jointly with group “W-inds” for the group’s song “Rain Is Fallin’.'”

Big Bang gained success on the Japanese pop scene after releasing their debut single “My Heaven” last June, which reached No. 3 on the Oricon chart.

Meanwhile, group “Donbangsingi” gave a big hand to Big Bang’s accomplishment after passionately singing, “Stand by U,” which received an award for the second time in two consecutive years.

source: KBS Global

Han Chae young for Allure

Jun Ji-hyun to appear in new film with Zhang Ziyi

Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun
is set to appear alongside Chinese movie star Zhang Ziyi in a new film by Wayne Wang, according to her agency Sidus HQ on Wednesday.

The film, titled "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan", will be based on the 2005 novel of the same title by Chinese-American writer Lisa See.

Set in 19th century China, the film chronicles the lives of two women -- Lily and Snow Flower -- and their intimate lifelong friendship. Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is set to play the main character Snow Flower while Jun's role in the film has not been decided as of yet.

Wanye Wang, a Chinese-American filmmaker, has directed several notable movies such as "The Joy Luck Club" (1993), "Maid in Manhattan" (2002) and "Smoke (1995)", for which he won the Silver Bear award at Berlin International Film Festival.

Jun Ji-hyun, whose English name is Gianna Jun, is one of the most sought-after actresses in Korea. She became a household name after starring in the 2001 hit film "My Sassy Girl" which spawned a Hollywood remake. She made her international debut last year in the film "Blood: The Last Vampire".

The actress is currently in China to prepare to go into shoot.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Will Shin Se-kyung Be the Hottest TV Star of 2010?

Shin Se-kyung
, the young rising star of the hit sitcom "High Kick Through the Roof," seems likely to be the most sought-after celebrity in TV for 2010. She won the most votes in a survey of 10 entertainment industry figures, including producers, screenwriters, advertising copywriters and stylists, who were asked to pick the one person they would like to cast if they were to produce a TV show.

The respondents shared the view that while being pretty or handsome is important, an entertainer needs to have a new type of sensitivity that captivates teenagers in order to survive in 2010.

"In today's entertainment industry where man-made beauties prevail, Shin is a new face who appeals to viewers with her natural look," said Park Ji-young, an entertainment program producer at Korea Broadcasting System. "She has a face that would suit any role. Her appearance and her voice can play both good and bad."

Ahn Sang-hui, who heads the drama production team at CJ Media, had a similar view. "Shin defines the type of beauty that the current generation wants," Ahn said.

Hwang Won-mi, an advertising copywriter at Cheil Worldwide, said, "She stands out even when she's playing a dowdy character. Wouldn't she be great in any role? She's one of the most sought after stars among advertisers in the new year."


source : Chosun

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Actress Kim Hee-sun Set to Make Comeback

Actress Kim Hee-sun, who took a break from acting to marry a businessman in 2007 and have a daughter, is preparing to return to her career. "I was happy as a mother in 2009, and I'd like to be happy as an actress in 2010," she said.

Kim's husband fully supports her decision to make a comeback. "Family is the greatest blessing and gift to me," Kim said. "During my temporary break from acting, I lived my life for my husband and child. I was very satisfied and happy living that way."

Having published a book on raising babies, she wants to continue doing things for children. "Since the book came out I've gotten offers to write another book on child rearing. I'm interested, but I think it would difficult to do while I'm acting at the same time," she said. "Now that I'm raising a child, I'd love to design babies' clothing. I have so many ideas and thoughts, but because I have so little time they don't go anywhere."

Kim's ambition and passion for acting has grown during her hiatus. "There are so many roles that I'm keen on now that I'm coming back after a long break," she said. But after being away from the entertainment scene for three years, she is taking her time in picking the role she wants. A number of possibilities have been mentioned, but she has not made any final decisions yet.

"It would be a lie to say that I don't have any fear about making a comeback. Sometimes I worry that I might have lost the touch for acting," Kim said. "I don't want to disappoint my fans who have waited for so long, so I'll do my best as if I were starting from scratch."


source : Chosun