Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wonder Girls Voted Favorite Korean Singers

The Wonder Girls have been named as Koreans's favorite singers for the second year running, the Seoul Shinmun reported Wednesday. According to the paper, Gallup Korea conducted interview with 4,330 people aged 13-59 nationwide from June to November to select the top 10 singers, and the manufactured girl group ranked first with 22.2 percent of the vote.

Boy band Big Bang took second place, also the same as last year, with 21.2 percent. The top 10 list includes three trot -- a retro form of Korean pop -- singers: Jang Yoon-jung, in third with 9.9 percent, Tae Jin-ah and Park Hyun-bin. Meanwhile, diva Lee Hyo-lee ranked fifth, while world star Rain and TVXQ took seventh and ninth.

The Wonder Girls were popular with all age groups, chiefly with those in their teens and 20s. There was a larger gap between age groups in terms of preference for Big Bang. While the boy group won overwhelming support from teenagers at 56.2 percent, and a rollicking 63.9 percent of teenage girls and gained more votes than the Wonder Girls among those in their 20s, the tally plummeted to 16.7 percent among those in their 30s.

Those in their 40s picked Jang Yoon-jung as their favorite, and those in their 50s Tae Jin-ah.


Source: Chosun

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Daniel Henney Is Poised for Hollywood Glory

In the category of "most likely to succeed in Hollywood" among Korean actors, Daniel Henney has the advantage. Born to a British father and a Korean-American mother and raised in Michigan, the 29-year-old model-turned-actor has already appeared as Agent Zero in "X-men Origins: Wolverine," which will be released worldwide in the end of April next year.

In an interview on set in Sydney, Henney talked about his excitement about making a Hollywood debut using both Korean and English.

- How did you get cast?

"I was on holiday with my parents in my hometown in Michigan on New Year's Day. At the time, everything was kind of stagnant because of the strike of Hollywood writers. So I was very surprised when the casting director of the 'X-men: Wolverine' called me."

- So did you have an audition?

"I thought I would of course have to pass an audition, but I didn't. The casting director said he'd already seen 'My Father,' which I shot last year, and I didn't have to audition. To be honest, I was indescribably happy. I remember exactly what the casting director said at the time, 'Are you ready to change your life?'"

- Do you plan to split your time between Korea and Hollywood?

"Korea is the country that gave me everything that I now have and enjoy. I think of myself as a Korean actor. Korea made me an actor. My hope is to shoot one movie in Korea and one in the Hollywood every year. Of course that is strictly my personal dream."


source: Chosun

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This year’s CF queen

Kim Tae-hee (Fight) has taken over title of “CF Queen” from Lee Young-ae (Jewel in the Palace), at least according to the Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation. The group conducted a consumer survey of residents in metropolitan and urban areas, who picked Kim as the top advertising model of the year.

Other celebrities who came in behind Kim include Lee Hyori, perennial CF favorite Jeon Ji-hyun, MC Yoo Jae-seok, Song Hye-gyo, Jo In-sung, and Rain.

source: dramabeans

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Actor Jang Dong-gun Appointed Goodwill Ambassador of UN World Food Programme

Actor Jang Dong-gun (far left) with former U.S. President Bill Clinton
after being appointed as a goodwill ambassador of the UN's World Food Programme
on Wednesday. Filipino actress and singer KC Conception (far right)
has held the post since 2007.

Actor Jang Dong-gun
was appointed as a goodwill ambassador of the UN's World Food Program on Wednesday. "I am honored to be appointed and I feel the heavy responsibility that comes with it. I will do my best to raise awareness of food shortages among the many people in Korea and the rest of Asia," said Jang.

Jang's appointment came during the closing ceremony of the Clinton Global Initiative Asian general meeting held at the Hyatt Hotel in Hong Kong, with some 400 people present, including former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Singapore's first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew.

In an interview with Yonhap News, Jang said, "My grandparents were born in North Korea, and my father's hometown is Hamheung, North Korea. The movies that I have appeared in, such as 'Taegukgi: Brotherhood of War' and 'Typhoon' were related to North Korea. My family background naturally led me to take interest in North Korean issues."

Jang explained that "I am told that the WFP has been preparing various campaigns to raise awareness of developing countries' need for food aid. I will actively participate in these programs."

He emphasized that the global community needs to take more interest. "Over 850 million people are suffering from famine, and 500 million of these are Asians. In North Korea alone, 6 million people are on the brink of starvation."

When asked if he is willing to visit North Korea on goodwill missions, Jang replied that he would willingly do so at any time, if given the chance.


Source: Chosun

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Lee Seo-jin and Kim Jeong-eun

Popular celebrity couple Lee Seo-jin and Kim Jeong-eun recently announced that they have ended their two-year-long relationship. Actress Kim Jeong-eun’s management agency announced on November 22 that the couple split up in late October due to family issues that could not be solved. Lee reportedly ended the relationship over the phone.

Lee has been keeping a low profile abroad while Kim opened up to the public about the breakup during ‘Kim Jeong-eun’s Chocolate’, a popular music and talk show she hosts.

Tearing up, the actress shared her heartache with the viewers, saying, “Just as it takes time for a physical wound to heal, its going to take time before my broken heart heals.” She added, “I never knew pretending everything was okay when it isn’t could be so difficult. Things are not okay.” Kim also admitted that if it weren’t for work, she would like to take off and be alone for awhile. Besides hosting the music show, Kim stars in a newly-launched MBC drama series ‘General Hospital 2’.

Meanwhile, a close acquaintance of Lee recently revealed that Lee is also going through an extremely difficult period right now and that the actor even briefly mentioned the possibility of leaving the entertainment industry for good.

Lee Seo-jing and Kim Jeong-eun, both popular actors in Korea, became an item when they co-starred in an SBS drama series entitled ‘Lovers’ in 2007.

source: KBS World

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