Friday, March 28, 2008

Samsung Unveils Promotional Music Video Starring Rain

lSamsung Electronics has unveiled the 2008 Beijing Olympics theme song and the music video that will be used for advertising its Anycall mobile phones. Singer and actor Rain, who is one of the hottest celebrities in Asia, stars in the music video.

Samsung Electronics, one of the official sponsors of the 2008 summer Olympic games, launched the music video starring Rain at a recent event announcing the participants of the Olympic Flame relay. The music video is about working hard and achieving one's dreams. Rain conveys the message by dancing throughout the music video.

Rain took active part in choreographing the dance moves for the music video, which boasts blockbuster-level cinematography. In the video, Rain battles it out with talented B-Boys and shows off his sexy charm to the fullest. Rain's physique in the music video reportedly looks very impressive, as he underwent months of hard training to prepare for the shooting of the film 'Ninja Assassin,' a new Hollywood action movie.

Director Jang Jae-hyuk, who made the music video for 'It's Raining,' the title song of Rain's 3rd studio album, took charge once again. Samsung Anycall's promotional music video starring Rain will be played throughout the Olympic Flame relay as well as the summer Olympic games for a total of 97 days. The video will also be edited into a 15-second commercial clip that will go on air nationwide in China and Hong Kong starting in early April.

Once he finishes shooting 'Ninja Assassin,' Rain will visit China in mid-August to take part in events related to the Summer Olympics.

source: KBS Grobal

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